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Safety is the name of the game when it comes to bicycle helmets, but to make one wearable, there has to be more to a design than a fortress of foam. It takes cutting-edge technology, ergonomic research, and an intensive labour of aerodynamic love to ensure that you provide the most comfortable, breathable, and attractive protective designs. This is what we do every day, and as hard as it is, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Whether you want to explore remote trails or sprint against your friends on the road, we have the cycling shoes that’ll take your ride experience to new heights of comfort, efficiency, and durability.

Road Apparel

Is your style all-out, race-ready and first across the line? If so, that’s the SL road collection to a T. Maybe you prefer to ride against the landscape, challenging yourself to long, epic days in the saddle? That’s a perfect match for our RBX collection. Our apparel is styled for how you ride, with a fit that’s engineered for comfort and moves with you. And now, all Specialized apparel features our proprietary, wearable UV skin protection with DeflectUV fabric. Suit up. It’s time to ride!

Mountain Apparel

You need gear designed to match your riding style: smooth, fast, free, and loose. When you’re pinned wide open over roots and rocks the last you want is your clothing interrupting your flow. Our focus is delivering the gear to help you maintain your mountain rhythm, with technical, lightweight materials that give you freedom to move, and styles that lift the game in the looks department. A cohesive flow needs a cohesive look, achieved this year with collections—coordinated helmets, gloves, jersey’s and shorts.