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There’s always a reason to ride a Daily. Whether you’re heading to work, the grocery store, or a 24-hour movie marathon, the Daily is going to get you there gracefully. Ride it light or weigh it down. Either way, people will notice the attention to detail and classic charm, but the smooth, fast ride and modern bones will be for you alone. For any reason, shameful or otherwise, this is your bike.


Tech Features

WHAT Proprietary aluminium tubing that blends high performance, light weight and high value.
WHY Creates light, strong, and corrosion-resistant frames.
HOW By controlling everything from the raw material to extrusion, butting, swaging, and heat treatment of the tubes, we can optimise our Daily frames for the best balance of ride characteristics. Using aluminium instead of steel prevents rusting, and keeps the bike light enough to be carried up stairs.
15-DAILY-utility   UTILITY
WHAT Durable and stylish front Porteur rack designed to carry everyday necessities; rear rack with Racktime compatibility for efficient and effective cargo-carrying ability (rack type varies by model).
WHY Gives you a place to carry groceries, supplies—perhaps even a toy poodle!
HOW The Porteur rack is designed and engineered specifically for the bike, making it one of the most durable racks of its kind. The lightweight rear rack is functionable yet sleek, simple, and sturdy, and accepts compatible Racktime Snap-it style bags and panniers.
15-DAILY-functionality   FUNCTIONALITY
WHAT Zeppelin style fenders, corrosion-resistant hardware, dynamo rear hub.
WHY Fenders keep the elements at bay while the dynamo hub ensures you always have a light when you need it.
HOW Durable steel full-coverage fenders provide maximum protection from the elements, and have a “zeppelin” profile for a sleek look. Complete corrosion resistant hardware on the stem, seatpost, seatclamp, and fenders help keep your bike looking pristine, and the dynamo powered lighting system means you’ll never be caught in the dark, or need to think about replacing batteries.
15-DAILY-comfort   COMFORT
WHAT Specialized wide-profile tyres, Body Geometry Contour lock-on grips, Body Geometry classic styled saddle.
WHY Complete comfort ensures more enjoyable commuting.
HOW Wider profile tyres provide traction while absorbing more road chatter, while at the contact points on the bike the Body Geometry Contour lock on grips provide a secure and comfortable platform. The Body Geometry styled saddle keeps your comfortable no matter the commute terrain.