What we doUpgrades from Bronze Service shown in bold
Check/Tighten Handlebars, Stem, Levers
Check/Tighten Cranks, Pedals, Chain-Rings
Overhaul/Regrease Headset
Remove, clean, regrease Bottom Bracket and threads (full center overhaul)
Regrease inner/outer Gear Cables
Regrease inner/outer Brake Cables
Check/Adjustt/Lubricate Brakes
Check/Tighten Derailleur Pulleys
True/Tension front and rear wheels
Overhaul/Regrease Front and Rear hubs
Check/Tighten QR Skewer or Axle Bolts
Check/Tighten Freewheel/Cassette and check Chain Wear
Check/Adjust Lubricate Gears
Check/Inflate Tyres and Tubes

What we don’t do:
This service does not include degreasing of any parts. To completely clean your drivetrain we
recommend you use a chain cleaning device which are available in store for sale.

Other Notes:
If anything on your bike needs further attention you will be contacted and quoted prior to any work being performed
ALL bikes are test ridden after work is performed

Commonly Required Parts*:
Bell, Reflectors, Brake Pads, Bottom Bracket Bearings/Axle, Hub Bearings/Cones, Headset Bearings, Brake/Gear
Inner and Outer cables. 

Parts are not included in the service price