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Bike Size Set Up




Typically a 40-60min process at $120

  1. Saddle Measurement
    Take a seat on our Digital Sit bone Device to capture the distance between your sit bones in order to determine your optimal saddle width.
  2. Cleat Placement
    Cleat placement and neutralise shoe in the float based on comfort for the rider
  3. Saddle Height Adjustment
    Adjust saddle height for the rider in a neutral riding position
  4. Saddle Set Back
    Adjust saddle Fore and Aft for optimal power production and efficiency
  5. Bar Position and Rotation
    Adjust position of the bars and stem to neutralise rider into a more comfortable riding position.
  6. Footbed Measurement
    Stand on the Specialized Arch-O-Meter to determine the optimal level of foot contour for a Body Geometry Footbed. 


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