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Coming Soon Lakes’ Successful – Intro To Road Bunch Riding


Ever wondered how road racing cyclists ride so close, safely?  

Find out why, and learn the skills to do it comfortably and safely yourself.

In this 2 week course you will learn the safety protocols and responsibilities to keep you and your mates safely and confidently riding in a road bunch.

Learn from experienced cyclists in a friendly, no pressure environment.

Suitable for riders on racing bikes who are just starting out, or have been riding solo for a while.

Best of all…. It’s free!!  Coming soon in October

Tip: Make sure your bike is in good condition and well maintained. Helmets are mandatory. Unsafe bikes and/or helmets will not be permitted.

Get your bike checked and serviced at Lakes

Note: Racing bikes only.

See you on Saturday and don’t forget to tell your mates.IMG_3629